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Closing of web hosting....

Closing of web hosting.
« on: 11 24, 2010, 08:11: pm,20:04:44 »

After about a decade of web hosting we will be putting on hold the hosting of Furtopia. Increasing costs and loss of support staff to RL have added to the timing of this. However should things improve we may reopen it when updates are finally in place. I plan to keep web hosting live for 3 more months to give members time to fetch any files they may need. Users in difficult times/position may request an extension of hosting time if needed (will be reviewed case by case). It's been a good run.

Note: I will NOT be shutting down the Furtopia forums or IRC. These services will be continue as normal.

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Upgrade usage started....

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Ok the rest of the user backup data has been uploaded. Next on order of priority I will be restoring:

1) TLDs
2) Mysql DBs
3) Fixing path changes in php scripts (as I find them).
4) Indexer Gallery
5) SSL cert

Once the changes are finished I will open up an official web page detailing the new system and how to use it.

However for those of you who are technically inclined who want to get to their site ahead of me or the curious I am opening up the control panel into a beta test.

The reason for going with a control panel is this gives the users more control and more services. For example, you want a mysql database? YOU can do it! You want email at your personal or Furtopia domain? Easily done! You'll also have live access to your logs and usage data.

The control panel is not finished or even skinned so should be considered a work in progress. IE: "open Beta test" As always Furtopia services are an "as is" best effort service and come with no warranty expressed or implied. Report any bugs/problems you find and please read all instructions.

Furtopia User Control Panel Address: https://www.furtopia.org/dtc Notice there is no ssl cert yet so it will warn and you will need to give an exemption.
Log in with your Furtopia username and password.

The control panel divided into your "My Account" -> You can view your stats and add new domains to your account. And your domains-> Here you will see your Furtopia/tdl domain where you can make ftp, dns, subdomain, and email services. Then Databases (your mysql), Password changing, and Support Tickets.

The very FIRST thing you will want to do when you enter is create an FTP account to your web space. All ftp accounts will need recreated because the account owner (you) now has control over ftp. For example if you host a collaborative project and want helpers to only access a part of your website (without being able to reach the other parts of your webpage) you could create a second ftp account with only this access.

To create your FTP click on the + sign next to your domain name. Next click on "FTP accounts". Choose your personal ftp login(@yourdomain.furtopia.org will be added to the login automatically), password and pick a path. On the Path option I STRONGLY suggest you pick the last option unless you know what you are doing (that says)-> /yourdomain.furtopia.org/subdomains/www/html/ Picking this path will have your ftp send you to your web html folder. Higher paths are chooseable to allow users to download logs/mail/etc (be careful accessing this! You can break it if you are not careful).

Example: Since my domain is whiteshepherd.furtopia.org if I typed in the ftp login "luckydog" at creation my ftp login would be "luckydog@whiteshepherd.furtopia.org" since @whiteshepherd.furtopia.org will be appended at the end of my logins. The reason for this is it allows users to pick any login they want without another user reserving that login. It may sound complicated but it's fairly easy following the menus.

If after trying you still can not figure it out no worries. Just send Kada-Ru a PM and we will set up an a ftp account for you.

Good luck and good testing... WhiteShepherd

Notice ALL Members - Server Upgrade 6/1/2010

Notice ALL Members - Server Upgrade 6/1/2010
« on: Today at 14:34 »
Just a heads up to all members here.

Since our switch of servers there have been some good things (speed and security). But we have also had many frustrating issues mainly with the hosting and the porting of our software. Due to these problems and wanting to improve services for existing members we will be completely replacing our hosting software. We will also be getting a commercial control panel that will allow members to add/remove their own mysql/domains/email a feature we have been wanting for years. I have also decided to hire a professional to help with this transfer.

When we got the new server it was a step in the right direction but I want to push till we have the reliable and trouble free hosting we had before. So on 6/1/2010 Furtopia hosting will be taken offline to make these updates. The software will be updated then all user web accounts will be restored by hand/script. Down/work time is estimated to be 1-4 days depending on many issues. However I will leave the forums online which can be reached at: http://forums.furtopia.org

I do not normally ask for donations. However this upgrade will cost us many hundreds of dollars. If you possibly can donate to this project it would be much needed and appreciated! Paypal address: fuzzydog@whiteshepherd.net

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Application Process updated! (more to come)

NOTICE: Due to spam bots causing problems with the application process we have completely re-written the Furtopia application software.  If you applied in the past and did not get a response you may do so again under the new system.  ALL new applicants WILL get a response within the first 60 hours.
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Furtopia members website problems:

Please bear with us as we are now finding that when I processed a lot of applications last year they were not being properly processed on the server.

WS did work on one today that we were notified of that was not working properly, the member wasn't able to upload/make changes to their site, and I got another message about another account doing the same thing. If your website is not allowing you to see changes to your site please send me an email to kada-ru@kcff.net with your name and your website name. Example: (nick or real name or both) www.kada-ru.furtopia.org That way we can look at the site then figure out what needs to be fixed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We thank the members for bringing the problem to our attention.

If there is something other than the above happening with your site feel free to send me an email. BTW, if you lose your password/login info, I do have those in a database so if you haven't been able to access your site since setting it up ( ? ) just send me an email with the same info above.
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Web Hosting accounts

I just want to let those know that if they have sent in an application for web hosting they are not being ignored. WS is doing some upgrading when he can get the time and so for the time being processing the applications is on hold. I will keep everyone updated.
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